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MSN connection manager

Didn't have much time to blog (nor to work on telepathy) this last week.

Currently we have a usable msn connection manager for telepathy as well as a better python msn library, this new library : pymsn (previously known as libivy) now makes use of glib signals and does integrate seamlessly with the glib main loop :)

Concerning the connection manager, it supports conversations and presence signaling and handling. and I am currently working on the implementation of avatar support :)

Cohoba connected to msn

Telepathy & msn

Yesterday i had the first running Msn connection manager for Telepathy, with the help of Telepathy guys i got both Tabby and Cohoba working with this Msn Connection manager :)
Now I am working again on libivy to bring back switchboard support (I removed it during the refactoring) let's hope that the connection manager will be ready by the end of the week :)

Telepathy & libivy

Those last days I have been working on Telepathy, a wonderful framework for IM, I am currently aiming to bring MSN (eurk) to this framework by using libivy.
Unfortunately libivy is no quite ready, and I had to refactor it in order to make use of glib instead of python's asyncore and asynchat :D the refactoring is alsmost done, and I'll be able to bring MSN to telepathy.

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